Tungsten Rings and Bracelets:
Tungsten Carbide is a space age alloy with a distinctively masculine look and feel. Tungsten has an unmistakeable dark gun metal grey color and an invincible high gloss that sets it in a class apart from any other precious metal.

Jewelry with a lifetime high polish:
Tungsten rings and bracelets are heavy, and Tungsten Carbide is the hardest of all metals. It is polished to a perfect mirror finish using diamonds, and, unlike other metals, it will retain the exact polish for decades to come. In fact, the only way to scratch a tungsten ring or bracelet is with a diamond. No other material will affect it.

The distinction of wearing an exotic metal:
Because it has the highest melting point of any metal known, Tungsten is used in space age applications and leading edge military projects such as hand held nuclear fission devices. The hardness and heat resistance of Tungsten renders it impervious to radiation. It's tough enduring qualities make it the perfect masculine metal for a man's ring or a man's bracelet.

The art and science of master craftsmanship:
Tungsten rings and bracelets are manufactured using sophisticated vacuum induction furnaces that require an oxygen free environment which reaches amazing temperatures above 6200 degrees F. In fact, Tungsten is so heat resistant, that if a solid piece entered the earthÕs atmosphere (as asteroids do), it would not burn. Instead, it would simply glow red and fall to the earth intact.

Buying Advice for Tungsten Jewelry:
Tungsten jewelry should always be alloyed with Carbide when it is manufactured into rings or bracelets, as are all of the items on our site. Pure Tungsten is soft and will scratch, and Tungsten Cobalt will often cause an allergic reaction on the skin which will result in a permanent discoloration of the metal.

Sizing your Tungsten Carbide Ring:
Our Lifetime Ring Size Warranty guarantees that if you ever change ring sizes due to weight loss or gain, for a small fee, we will replace your ring with an identical new tungsten ring in the correct size.

Discover for yourself the rare feel of Tungsten:
Brought to life by our master craftsmen, we invite you to discover for yourself the unique and masculine qualities of Tungsten, with free overnight shipping and absolute satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not truly impressed with the quality and value of our Tungsten jewelry, we invite you to return it within 30 days and receive a prompt full refund with no questions asked.

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Titanium Rings and Bracelets
Titanium may be the perfect metal for rugged, masculine-look jewelry that creates a unique fashion statement. Titanium jewelry is the perfect combination of beauty, strength and durability; sporty enough to wear any time, beautiful enough for special occasions. It offers that unique look for todayÕs contemporary male.

Jewelry That Looks and Lasts
Titanium is an ancient mineral that has become a most modern super- alloy. Valued for use in spacecraft and aerospace, its light weight and durable finish make it ideal for jewelry that lasts a lifetime. With a luster that renews with a light rubbing, the cool gray satin finish emotes a subtle color palette similar to the luminescent colors of oil on water, a peacock's feather, or a rainbow, providing a most exotic look.

The Distinction of Wearing an Exotic Metal
Worn as the entire outer coating of the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, Titanium is more resistant and has the highest strength to weight ratio of ANY known element, which is why 85% of the Space Shuttle's structure is also titanium. The name titanium was derived from the Titans of Greek mythology, known for their extreme and superior strength and this is the image imparted to the discriminating man who wears it.

Titanium: The Metal of Medicine and Health
Titanium is the most bio compatible element known to man, and therefore the material of preference for surgical tools, implants, pacemaker cases, and other internal casings. It will not react to ANY chemistry other than Hydrofluoric acid. (That means it's completely non-reactive to salt water, chlorine, detergents, alkaloids, or body acids... not any, not ever!!). Pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic. It won't react with any part of the body, making it a great choice for even those persons most sensitive to other materials.

Can a Titanium Ring be Engraved or Stretched?
A local jeweler using standard engraving tools can engrave most Titanium jewelry. The engraving will not be as deep as in softer materials but will outlast most other inscriptions you find on any other type jewelry. Ring stretching is usually not viable for 6/4, aircraft grade Titanium and should never be attempted if the ring is designed with an inlay of any kind. Stretching an inlayed ring will cause a separation at the joining point of the inlayed material resulting in damage to the item.

How Do I Care for My Titanium Jewelry?
Titanium can be cleaned with any non-abrasive soap or cleaner. Anodized or colored products are best cleaned with warm soapy water, then dried with a soft tissue. This will restore it to the same level of optical purity and display the original vivacity of colors that are the signature of Titanium jewelry.

Discover for Yourself the Rare Feel of Titanium
Brought to life by our master craftsmen, we invite you to discover for yourself the unique and masculine qualities of Titanium jewelry. It is offered to you with free shipping and a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction. Take it, use it and enjoy it in good health!

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